Samsung executive says he uses Mac, iPhone and iPad at home

Young SohnThose who follow, even if only a little, the news from the world of technology know that Apple and Samsung are the archrivals of the time. Does anyone, for example, imagine a Ma executive using Samsung products? Difficult, isn't it? So I was surprised to read this interview by Young Sohn, president and director of strategy for Samsung Electronics, in which he confesses to MIT Technology Review that uses Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Sohn said he uses Apple hardware at home; at work, the devices are from Samsung. According to him, although the South Korean has great devices (with displays, processors and other components better than those of Apple), she still sins when it comes to the ecosystem.

The executive gave a classic example, stating that he loves to share photos and his personal calendar with his family, who is in Korea and lives in California (United States). For that, the perfect iCloud. That is, because of Apple’s system and software solutions, he didn’t let go of his iProducts. Sohn also says that he found a way to synchronize all contacts and calendars between the two different systems. "A little work, but it's possible," he said.

In order to correct this ‚Äúcompany problem‚ÄĚ for Sohn, Samsung is now very focused on devices and should focus more on services, he hopes to find the answers in Silicon Valley, where he leads a group of 2,000 people in the new company's research and development.

Honestly, I was impressed with Sohn's honesty in the interview. Every day we see an executive praising the competitor like that, truly and on top of it confessing that he likes and uses his products. If that brings him any trouble, only time will tell

(via The Verge)