Samsung denies news that it will no longer supply LCDs to Apple

Samsung executive already sees weak second half in component sales

After combining his LCD and semiconductor divisions last week, the executive who looks after this sector called "Device Solutions" at Samsung, Kwon Oh-hyun, said this weekend that he does not expect a good second semester for his company.

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"In the past, the semiconductor market tended to be weaker in the first half and better in the second, but this year, it is likely to be stagnant," Oh-hyun said. WSJ.

About 70% of Samsung's operating profits and 44% of its revenues today come from combined sales of semiconductors and LCDs. I wonder if this executive’s prediction has anything to do with the possibility that Apple would stop buying components from it. In mid-February, before the fight between the two companies started, it was estimated that Ma could invest up to $ 7, 8 billion in orders for Sammy.