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Samsung director ridicules dispute with Apple

absurd galaxy nexus we're fighting over rectangles, says Samsung director In an interview with Wired, Kevin Packingham, Samsung's Product Manager, said Samsung has been facing a number of patent infringement charges, as well as Apple's claims that Galaxy products would be copies of the iPhone and iPad.

Packingham explains that the electronics giant maintains two extremely isolated areas: Samsung which makes secret components for Apple, HTC and LG, and the other Samsung that invests in its own smartphones and other equipment.

In the case of patent infringement claims, the executive explains that the South Korean owns 100,000 patents. In terms of patents, we have a lot of contributions in the design space, Packingham said.

I would say that the patents we are fighting for are very broad, like a rectangle. For us, it is absurd that we are fighting for rectangles, which is being considered as an infraction and we are defending ourselves.

Packingham further believes that the accusations are an affront to being commonplace to stifle competition with patents that are not particularly original and do not really represent intellectual property.

We should be able to have a good and healthy dialogue on how we will advance technology and consumer experience. Not around how we will isolate our companies and prevent innovation from entering the market, concludes the director.