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Samsung debuts S Cloud on Galaxy Note II

After waiting for Samsung's S Cloud on the Galaxy S3, frustrated with the launch of the device, South Korea now shows, with the Samsung Galaxy Note II, its cloud data storage system. Although we don't have much information about the service, it seems that S Cloud is just an extension of Dropbox. In the video made by the German website BestBoyZ, you can check the feature present in the device settings menu.

Through S Cloud, you can sync photos and videos, and requires a Samsung account that also works for Dropbox – a great way to use the free 50GB of space offered to owners of Samsung's Galaxy Note II and Android Camera .

As this is a new feature in the smartphone market, it is not yet clear what characterizes this new option, as it is not yet clear what S Cloud offers in addition to Dropbox. It is common knowledge that at the beginning of the project the idea was to offer deep integration across all Samsung devices. What I hope we can count on is more cloud technology and not just more space on our Dropbox accounts (which is also an excellent tool).

Anyway, as the electronics giant's first experiments among users and other announcements regarding its cloud data storage system take place, we will have more information about this new service on Android. In the meantime, follow the video below that, even if it's in German, gives you a glimpse of what S Cloud looks like:

Does S Cloud hold more surprises than our good old Dropbox?

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