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Samsung charges Apple compensation for lower-than-expected OLED display orders

The fall of iPhones has already provided significant financial disruption to Apple, but the consequences for Cupertino go beyond simply shrinking revenue from smartphone sales.

As reported by the Korean newspaper ETNews (Google Translate), Samsung would be charging Apple compensation in hundreds of millions of dollarsfor ordering OLED screens for smaller iPhones than both companies initially expected. The money would be a way to “pay” South Korea for the amount lost from preparation for manufacture and materials purchased for the production of canvas that has never been used.

According to sources heard by the newspaper, however, Samsung is offering several Apple options to “pay off” some of them without even a single penny. Apparently the Sammy It would have suggested forgiving the debt if Ma agreed to enter into a compromise agreement that would put South Korea as the sole supplier of OLED panels for future products such as tablets and notebooks.

With that, the old rumor of iPads (Pro probably) and MacBooks equipped with OLED screens reignite. The most recent speculation in this regard came last May and already placed Samsung as the likely supplier of the screens of these future equipment ie everything fits.

Anyway, we still have to wait a little while for these (supposed) products to see the light of day. The deal between Apple and Samsung, if signed, is still recent. MacBooks Pro were recently updated and new iPads Pro were expected to land in October, meaning their project was completed a while ago.

That is, if any of the lines make the transition to OLED at any time, it is unlikely to be in 2019.

via MacRumors