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Samsung can launch new camera that records at 4K and 120 frames per second [Rumor]

While all eyes turn to the Galaxy S9, new rumors indicate that the Samsung can launch a camera able to record in 4K and 120 frames per second without using the full power of your sensor.

The information comes from an anonymous source of the site. Mirrorless, which unveiled Samsung's alleged plans to launch a high-performance DSLR-type APS-C sensor camera equipped with the Exynos 8910, processor that should appear on the Galaxy S9.

According to the source, Samsung has made major breakthroughs in the image capture area in the development of the mobile chip, so the company is placing great emphasis on the S9 camera in its advertising materials.

In addition to using technology in its new smartphone, the company would leverage the processor to produce a 30 megapixel camera capable of recording video at up to 6K resolution and capturing up to 480 frames per second with Full HD images,

One of the supposed camera configurations would make 4K video, the standard set in the TV and game market, at 120 frames per second.

Samsung has not yet officially commented on the alleged camera. If the same product based on Exynos 8910, we may have some news on February 25th, the date the company goes officially introduce the Galaxy S9.

Via: Tweaktown Source: Mirrorless. [TagsToTranslate] samsung