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Samsung Brasil introduces Powerbot VR7200 robotic vacuum cleaner

THE Samsung introduced the rob-vacuum cleaner Powerbot VR7200 at the Brazil, its bet to complement the South Korean firm's line of smart appliances. The compact product for the category, which is only 97mm high, allows you to clean difficult places such as under beds and sofas.


Company claims images express "attitude" of public after being discovered on Twitter

According to the manufacturer, the Powerbot VR7200 It has a suction power 40 times higher than that of conventional vacuum cleaners, it is assumed that compared to the inlet models. The promise that it will be as efficient as a vertical vacuum cleaner like Samsung VR10F71UCAC, at least according to internal tests promoted by the firm.

Official Website: Rob Samsung Vacuum Powerbot VR7200

"Samsung is known for always being on the cutting edge of technology. We develop more efficient products with new features that make people's routine easier. Each release is designed to bring a feature that surprises the consumer and thus provides an innovative user experience. we want with the launch of the POWERbot VR7200 vacuum cleaner. Surprise the consumer by allowing them more time for themselves. "Helbert Oliveira, Director, Digital Appliances Division, Samsung Brazil

Source: Samsung

The robotic vacuum even features an automatic charging system where the robot goes alone to the charging station when the battery runs low. Also, once it's fully charged, it goes back to exactly where it was cleaning when it stopped. The product costs $ 5.999 in is available in rose gold.

robot vacuum cleaner samsung powerbot vr7200Source: Samsung

"The Visionary Mapping 2.0 system, located at the top, maps the environment and finds the best way for the vacuum cleaner to clean the floor. Its improved accuracy thanks to an optical sensor at the bottom and a three-axis gyroscope, creating a more accurate map. If you want to clean a specific area, simply use the Point Cleaning system with the remote control – just point the light in front of the vacuum cleaner and it will follow the beam to the desired location, cleaning the area. rea ".Samsung Official Announcement