Samsung announces two new iPhone-compatible smartwatches and new wireless headsets

Having announced its newest iPhone competitor, the Samsung has now revealed three more products that will also enter the competition with some from Apple.

Check it out below:

Gear sport

Gear Sport Samsung

Gear Sport focused on physical activities, has a 1.2 inch Super AMOLED circular screen, 360 × 360 pixels and 302ppp. Its bracelet measures 20mm and, despite being the slimmest smartwatch of the company, she claims that it has a "military level durability". The watch comes in only two colors: black and blue.

Internally, it comes with a processor dual core 1GHz, 4GB storage space, 768MB RAM, a 300mAh battery and some sensors we already know as accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and more. In connectivity, it supports NFC for payments with Samsung Pay, GPS, Bluetooth 4.2 and more.

Samsung has not yet announced the price of Gear Sport, but has stated that it will be available for purchase "during the holiday season", ie towards the end of the year.

Gear Fit2 Pro

Gear Fit2 Pro Samsung

Coming only in black and red (inside the strap), the Fit2 Pro has a 1.5 inch rectangular screen in curved Super AMOLED, 216 × 432 pixels and 310ppp. It comes in two sizes (bracelet): small (125 ~ 165mm) and large (158 ~ 205mm).

It also comes equipped with a processor dual core 1GHz, 4GB storage, but has 512MB of RAM and 200mAh battery. It also has an integrated GPS, but no NFC. The watch will be available for purchase from September 15 for $ 200.

Both Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro feature heart rate monitoring, water resistance and swimming tracking in collaboration with Speedo, automatic activity detection and personalized wellness plans with goals.

Both run the Tizen operating system and are compatible with Android devices (Galaxy from 4.3 and beyond 4.4) and iPhone (with iOS 9.0 or higher).

Gear IconX

Gear IconX Samsung

Gear IconX is the second generation of South Korean all-wireless headsets that were launched last year, just before Apple introduced the AirPods to the world. According to Samsung, this model is lighter and ergonomic, which makes it fit the ears very well.

It has 4GB and 82mAh battery in each handset and, in the charging case, 340mAh. In addition, it is compatible with Android 4.4 or higher and, although it does not cite official iOS compatibility, should work normally with Apple devices via the Bluetooth connection, as it did in its previous version.

On newer Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy Note8, S8 and S8 +, you can also call the Bixby virtual assistant with a few gestures and make voice requests.

Gear IconX will be available in black, gray and pink, but its price has not yet been released.

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As Samsung usually does, the two smartwatches have been introduced now, just a few weeks from (perhaps) a new Apple Watch, this time in its third generation. Either way, announcing before or not, the two companies will continue to battle for all markets, whether smartphones or wearables (wearables) and maybe it's even better this way, since a healthy competition is always welcome.

Who wins the most is us consumers.

via TechCrunch