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Samsung announces new HMD Odyssey + with more realistic visuals

O Samsung HMD Odyssey + had its official announcement today. The news of the device are more realistic visual elements throughWindows mixed reality platform, which will make the user have more immersive experiences.

The gadget uses state-of-the-art technology to minimize fixed pattern noise with a PPI (pixel per inch) of 1,233. This increases the mixed reality that is proposed by the company.

The device has Anti-Screen Door Effect, an effect that blocks the lines that separate pixels from the image. This effect causes some symptoms of dizziness and nausea when used for a long time, using the lock, Samsung allows a longer immersion.

The device equipped with two displays 3.5 AMOLED the combined resolution of 1440×1600 in each eye. The total weight of 590g.

HMD Odyssey + uses premium audio technology from AKG, with 360 degree sound support, provides clear acoustics. The headset has integrated volume controls.All elements: headband, display position and Inter-Pupillary Distance (IPD) wheel are easily adjustable

It has a material anti-fogthat's breathable. Because it has detachable material, cleaning the device is very simple. Their settings are quite intuitive and the games can be installed and played easily.

HMD Odyssey + has tracking Bluetooth, Inside-Out Position integrated, easy PC plug-in compatible with various computers and pre-matched controllers.

The arrival date for the day October 22, 2018 at microsoft store and at Samsung us USA. The other regions, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Brazil, will be met later.

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