Samsung anuncia Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition e Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition no Brasil

Samsung announces Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition and Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition in Brazil

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  • Samsung announced that Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition and Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition are already on pre-order in Brazil
  • The first customers will be entitled to special gifts
  • The smartphone and the wireless headset are the same as the originals, with the difference in purple color and BTS group logos
  • The Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition costs R $ 5,999.00 and will start shipping on July 13
  • The Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition costs R $ 1,399.00 and will start shipping on July 20th

Samsung has just announced the new Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition and Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition in Brazil. This special version, developed in conjunction with the South Korean boy band BTS. The Kpop group, one of the most famous in the world and, now, Brazilian fans will have the opportunity to purchase special editions of Galaxy products.

The devices are the same as those announced by the company, with the difference in design. THE Galaxy S20 + has glass and purple metal finish. The smartphone is already installed with themes inspired by BTS, and adds a fan community platform, called Weverse. THE Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition also brings the option in purple, but its specifications are also the same as the traditional model

The product box includes decorative stickers, inspired by the band. Customers who wish can further personalize their devices with photos of the band members. Thus, it is possible to decorate your appliances according to the wishes of each user.

Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition

Samsung says that "Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition reinforces the link between fans and the band". Its design has undergone minor changes. Both the charging case and the headphones themselves are presented with the purple color and, have the band logo and iconography of the purple heart.

The enhanced sound system the same used by the smartphone. optimized with the enhanced audio system from AKG. The company says the device provides a balanced, detailed and wide sound.

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Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition also comes with a smart cover exclusive, which also allows you to customize your smartphone with themes from the BTS band. There are also photo cards of the band in the box, as a souvenir for fans.

Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition

Samsung says that, like the Galaxy S20 +, the Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition, can capture photos at a professional level. The company says the main sensor for 64 MP ensures realistic photos without losing any detail, while videos can be recorded even in 8K resolution.


The special edition of products inspired by the K-Pop band has the same color as the Galaxy Z Flip

The smartphone also uses Artificial Intelligence, in mode Night Camera. This helps the motion blur in records made during the night – or in a low light situation – to happen, making the sharper photos, even in low light. The device is also equipped with a Super Stabilizer, which analyzes camera movements and prevents vibrations during video recording, providing smooth images.

In addition, the company also highlights other features of the device's cameras. One of them Space Zoom, which increases the camera at up to 30x. Another function that is included in the device is Single Take, capable of, with just a touch, generate a package of images with cutouts at different angles, effects and videos.

The Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition also features Music Share, which extends the Bluetooth connection to a speaker. Thus, the user will be able to take turns among friends to put their favorite music. The device is also optimized for gamers. Your 120Hz update screen, high capacity processor and 12 GB of RAM they optimize games, giving a smooth experience without crashes. THE AKG-optimized audio system, which provides a more immersive experience, both in games and listening to your favorite music.

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THE pre-sale of the new products starts this Wednesday, July 1. The price suggested by Samsung for R $ 5,999.00 for Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition and R $ 1,399.00 for Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition.

The company is offering special promotions for customers who pre-purchase until July 12th. Whoever buys a Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition and signs up on the Samsung Para Voc website (between 07/13/2020 and 08/12/2020), win a Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition or Galaxy Watch Active2. The gifts vary according to the availability of products in stock.

Official sales start on the day July 13, for Galaxy S20 + BTS Edition. The Galaxy Buds + BTS Edition starts to be sold in Brazil shortly after, in July 20th.

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