Samsung announces arrival of the Galaxy Z Flip in Brazil, check the price

Presented on this Tuesday in So Francisco (United States), new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip already has a date and price to arrive in Brazil

On this Tuesday, February 11, the Samsung globally presented the Galaxy Z Flip. It is a new foldable similar to the Motorola razr, which arrives to compete precisely with the nostalgic apparatus of Motorola. Sold for US $ 1,380 in the United States, the device arrives in Brazil for R $ 8,999.

The new Galaxy Z Flip arrives at the same price range as its main competitor: on the Motorola, O Razr can be found for R $ 8,549.

galaxy z flipNew Samsung Galaxy X Flip arrives on the Brazilian market for R $ 8,999

“The Galaxy Z Flip is a fundamental step towards consolidating a new type of smartphone experience. We are focused on providing Brazilian consumers with the most modern and innovative products in the world, always connected to their needs and searching for high level solutions ”.

Antonio Quintas, vice president of the mobile devices division at Samsung Brazil.

Pre-sale of the Galaxy Z Flip in Brazil

New Z Flip j can be purchased in BrazilNew Z Flip j can be purchased in Brazil

Information obtained exclusively by the Showmetech reveal that Samsung make a special pre-sale for the Brazilian public. Consumers will be able to pre-register on the official website of the brand. This record is valid until the day March 4.

Between March 4th and 10th, the Samsung perform a display of the new Z Flip in some brand stores. Marketing to audiences across Brazil will start in a month, on the day March 11 2020. The colors initially available are: black and ultraviolet.


Galaxy Z Flip in So Francisco (USA)Presentation of the new Galaxy Z Flip in So Francisco (USA)

Like other models of the brand, the new Galaxy Z Flip has a large 6.7-inch display when fully open. The smartphone combines stylish and compact design. When closed, the device fits in the palm of your hand.

In addition, it has its own technology Samsung (Ultra Thin Glass), allowing the company to abandon the use of plastic in the construction of the cell phone. So the new Galaxy Z Flip has ultra thin glass screen.

Folded Galaxy Z Flip (Photo: The Verge)Folded Galaxy Z Flip (Photo: The Verge)

Regarding the camera, the Galaxy Z Flip comes equipped with two main lenses of 12 megapixels each and the front (inside the screen) of only 10 MP. Thinking of the content creators and thanks to the hinges, the user will be able to fold the device and produce photos and videos at different angles.

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