Samsung and Sony can't stand it and tease Apple to get attention

Samsung and Sony can't stand it and tease Apple to get attention

As much as there are other companies as big as Apple, it is difficult to gain the attention that Ma gets especially when it launches new products, as it did this week. So what to do to appear in such critical periods? Now, appeal!

Check out the new commercial from Samsung:

On a phone, a Galaxy: wireless charging

Stop wasting time getting tangled up with power cables, the Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 edge + have a lot to explore. Not a phone, a Galaxy.

I'm not even going to get into the merit of wireless charging, we've done it here. What most caught my attention in the commercial was the infamous pun with Apple's new campaign ("If it's not an iPhone, not an iPhone"). How long will these companies continue to promote Ma devices by giving them that kind of prominence?

THE Sony he also couldn't stand it and decided to provoke Apple using the special event invitation as a basis.

It all started with this tweet:

Then, as Apple said nothing about the iPhone battery at the event, Sony decided to stick it out:

A battery life that is worth mentioning up to 2 days of battery life with the Xperia Z5 series.

The challenge continued with the supposed few megapixels of the new iSight camera:

A 12MP camera versus a 23MP camera. Time to switch to a Sony?

And he continued since, despite recording videos in 4K, the iPhone's screen does not have such a large resolution:

Record in incredible 4K. Record and watch in 4K Xperia Z5 Premium.

It is obvious that there are cool differentials in the devices of the competition, but it is incredible how they simply do not learn something basic: hardly anyone buys an iPhone because of his technical specifications. If you go along that line, I have no doubt that the competition's smartphones give a bath in the iPhone (there is a device on the market with a processor octa-core, 4GB of RAM, 43MP camera, 4K screen, etc.).

Samsung, Sony do not praise those numbers that you will be able to steal iPhone users. What is the answer? I honestly don't know, but this strategy has already shown that it is of no use at all.

My tips? Samsung, do not treat users of iPhones (which you want to conquer, by the way) like stupid animals that just can't get a simple cable into a connector. This gets bad

Sony, when announcing that your device is waterproof (something I would really like to see on iPhones, inclusive) and showing images of people using the phone underwater normally, make sure that it works like this. Promote something and then speak as Xperia Blog reported "do not use the device under water" in support articles nothing, nothing cool.

Before attacking others, how about doing your own homework?

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