Apple Watch Series 5

Sales of Apple Watches outperformed Swiss watch sales in 2019

That the Apple Watch it’s popular, everyone already knows. It is no wonder that, together with AirPods, it has been one of the fastest growing categories at Apple (wearables, or wearables).

Officially, the company has never released official sales figures for the watch, but it has stressed in the disclosures of its financial results that new records are being broken. Last week, for example, Apple said that in its last fiscal quarter, more than 75% of smart watch buyers were new users.

A note published today by Strategy Analytics, highlights all this popularity of the wearable. The company claims that Apple sold 30.7 million of Watches worldwide during the year 2019, an increase of 36% compared to sales in 2018. In parallel, sales of Watches swiss watches reached 21 million units – this combining * all * brands. That figure represents a 13% drop compared to 2018.

A mix of attractive design, easy-to-use technology and sticky apps makes the Apple Watch extremely popular in North America, Western Europe and Asia.

Neil Mawston, CEO of Strategy Analytics, said that while mechanical watches continue to be popular with older people, smartwatches have strong appeal among younger people. He further stressed that traditional watch brands that have ventured into creating smart watches (like TAG Heuer) are losing the war to Apple.

The Apple Watch’s strong appeal in new functions, such as the always-on Retina display and ECG, in addition to the Series 3’s reduced price, may explain all this popularity. And for sure there is still a lot of market to be conquered by Apple in this category. Considering that the company will launch the “Apple Watch Series 6” later this year, it is not surprising that these numbers will increase even more.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5

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Cash price: from R $ 3,599.10Installed price: up to 12x R $ 333.25Sizes: 40mm or 44mmMaterials: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or ceramicFeatures: GPS or GPS + CellularColors: diverseLaunch: September 2019

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