Sales of 13-inch MacBooks Pro threaten netbooks on

Sales of 13-inch MacBooks Pro threaten netbooks on Amazon

It seems that the inclusion of the "Pro" in the name of the 13-inch MacBook (along with its other new features, of course) has had a good effect in recent weeks: the computer now occupies the number one position in sales of laptops on Amazon and the sixth overall for all computers. Yesterday, according to the Apple 2.0, he was the fourth.

Not so long ago, different models of netbooks completely dominated the list of best-selling PCs on the portal. The previous 13 ″ MacBook was already the most successful Mac, but it only appeared from the 14th position down.

Another curious fact: in general, 30% of people return netbooks shortly after purchasing them simply because they do not understand the difference between a netbook and a notebook. Perhaps Apple knows what it is doing by not entering this market directly, or at least is coming up with some innovation before venturing out to launch a “MacBook mini” for life. What do you think, dear reader?

For investors, all this could not put Apple and its shares (AAPL) in a better scenario. Adding to the success of his new line of laptops Steve Jobs returns to the helm of the company, the confidence and positivity about the future of Ma are more than on the rise.