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Salebox: app for inventory control, customers and sales!

In this article I will present you a very cool application created by a young Brazilian, iPhone user who out of curiosity and necessity launched an application with very interesting capabilities such as controlling inventory, registering customers and registering sales.

It was because of the need for family business that this boy (Andr Henrique Silva) decided to learn programming and based on what he learned managed to create Salebox (ex Mini Business)Which can be very useful for your business as well.

The developer enjoyed the result so much that decided to share the application in the store, in free verse and without advertising, enjoy to download and meet!

Salebox – Sales Application

Salebox - Sales App (AppStore Link)

Application Highlights:

  • Free
  • Simplified Facebook Login
  • Notification System
  • Sales Record
  • Customer base
  • Product Registration
  • Automatic Control Note Generation
  • Printout of Control Notes
  • Search for previous transactions

With Salebox (ex Mini Business) You can register and edit all your customers, you can also include with photo all the products you sell, inserting information on how many in stock and other important information.

One of the coolest features of Salebox (ex Mini Business) the possibility to generate a control note for each sale, thus registering the products that the customer buys and even print for subsequent consultations.

Everything is stored on your iPhone, meaning you do not need the internet to use it, has a transaction search system, customers and products, all organized in a cool and easy to use interface.

The Salebox (ex Mini Business) It is designed for micro and small businesses looking to organize their business without investing a lot of money for it.

Did you like what you saw?You'll enjoy it even more if you decide to download and install on your iPhone, Salebox. (ex Mini Business) It was thought for a micro and small business, I am sure that your micro business will benefit immensely from the use of this app as well.

* The Salebox app the newest version of Mini Business, we update the article at the request of the developer.

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