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Saicum – Brazilian Game for Android – Join the promotion!

Saicum is a platforming and thinking game designed to showcase the most important artistic elements of the 19th century.

Paintings and music, the word Saicum is an anagram of the word music, this is a brazilian game created by Cristiano Rossetti.

Game Story

You start the game inside a museum of paintings, but in the first room of the museum there is a picture that has disappeared, this picture has been divided into 32 pieces, these pieces are scattered throughout the museum, your work finding all these pieces, some pieces are fine. Easy to find but others are extremely challenging, to pick up these pieces you use some scenery furniture like tables and piano to reach higher places, you also use the silhouettes of the paintings as a platform to reach the pieces.

The paintings also tell the history of art at that time showing the beginning of the Impressionist movement and moving to post-Impressionism, the soundtrack also features songs by artists of that time. Several artists appear in the game but the main story tells the tragedy of artist Claude Monet, including the end of the game has to do with the death of Claude Monet, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtelling this story without using dialogues, using only the paintings and challenges.

It is extremely difficult to find all 32 pieces to be able to finish the game, to find all the pieces you need to be very observant and think hard to find the solution of each museum room, so in a way this game is for people to know these pictures and so important artists in the nineteenth century.

Promo Saicum for Diolinux readers

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