Safer Internet Day: from European initiative to international reality

The Internet Day MORE Insure about 150 countries to "work for a better Internet". In Portugal, there are several initiatives that want to raise awareness of the importance of adopting practices where safety is the watchword.

Starting as a European initiative in 2004, this date has grown beyond the borders of the European Union. Since cyberbullying to social networks, there have been several questions raised every year

The official website for Safer Internet Day helps to have an idea of ​​the internationalization of this date, with the platform organizing the initiatives organized by each country. In the Portuguese case, it is possible to confirm several events, namely the meeting promoted by the Centro Internet Segura, which has cyberbullying as its theme.

  Safer Internet Day

In addition, the platform provides links and additional resources, in order to complement the information about the events taking place within the scope of this date. Avs na Net and Tips for a Healthy and Safe Digital Parenting are some of the documents.

If you still have doubts related to the theme, you can also access several more educational resources, such as videos and practical courses, with content intended not only for the youngest but also for adults. On the official website you can also get to know the entities that support Safer Internet Day, namely the European Commission, Facebook and Google.


Even today, EU Kids Online shared the results of a report that used interviews with about 25,000 children and young people from 19 European countries between 2017 and 2019. According to data provided by the Research Network, Portugal is one of the countries where more children and young people show confidence when dealing with risks on the Internet.