S rooted: Google blocks call recordings on Android 9 Pie

We recently had the official release of Android 9 Pie and we can see big news and improvements over its predecessor. However, some functionality has been set aside in this new version of the Google Operating System, such as call recordings.

When you try to download from the Google Play Store, a program that makes call recordings to the store itself indicates that the program is incompatible with your device. And even trying to install directly with an APK file downloaded from some website, an error message saying the program cannot be installed appears.

All of this is due to the fact that Google no longer makes the API available to developers of this type of calling app since Android 6 Marshmallow. Until then developers used other methods due to a loophole that previous versions of Android had.

android p beta 08
Android Pie no longer allows you to record calls / AndroidPIT

But now Google has fixed this loophole by making it impossible for developers to upgrade their apps to the new version of Android 9 Pie. The team that develops ACR, one of the best-known call recording apps, has published in a forum of developers that using your app on Android 9 Pie will only be possible if your smartphone is rooted.

By doing so, Google prevents Android from being liable for violating the laws of some countries that prevent call recording. Still early to say, but it seems that little by little Google is restricting more Android.

And you, do you find this an indispensable option? What did you think about Google's decision?

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