S Health: Galaxy S5 app measures user stress level

Samsung added a function to the app S Health of the Galaxy S5, which measures the user's heart rate. The app, which was already able to show the frequency of beats, will now be able to process and analyze this information, informing the user of their stress level. The app update has already been released by the Play Store and will be available today, Tuesday (27).

AndroidPIT S5 S Health
Update brings new function to S Health / AndroidPIT

If your heart is suffering from problems at work or at home, the app will know. If you are hypertensive and want to monitor your heart rate more often, the app will know. To determine when the right time to take a vacation, count on S Health!

androidpit s health stress 2
App warns about change in stress level / AndroidPIT

To make the best use of the feature, the user should benchmark their beats on a regular basis, which will allow the app to store the data and build a history. Thus, based on the analysis of this data, the app can alert you when there is a change that may indicate high levels of stress. The app already automatically creates graphs that show the stress level by hour, day or month.

And you, what did you think about the new function of S Health?

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