MacMagazine 4.0.4: An initial update of our iOS 13 app came out

's app comes to version 4.0 all rewritten in Swift and packed with new features!

Years after our App Store debut, we're releasing today the biggest update to the official app of the since then this time for your version 4.0.

The application has been rewritten from scratch in Apple's Swift language, and we have implemented several features long awaited by you users.

 App - Verse 4.0 (iPad Pro, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4)

What's new is a revamped and modernized interface, notable performance gains across the app, new podcast and video-focused tabs, built-in search functionality, bookmark feature, two app icons to choose from (thanks to Raphael “PH” Lopes, as always), fast reading app on Apple Watch and more!

We hope you enjoy our new app. Here is our big thanks to Cassio Rossi of Kazzio Software for leading this new project; and also by the team of collaborators of MM, which helped in all the tests.

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