S λ P-Ø: This was the name of SAPO TEK if Elon Musk had chosen

S λ P-Ø: This was the name of SAPO TEK if Elon Musk had chosen

X A-12 was the name that Elon Musk and singer Grimes chose for their first child. Everything was explained in a tweet, which shows that more than the combination of letters is an acronym, or a formula, that joins several special elements.

As expected, the post had thousands of comments and shares, eX A-12 quickly became one of the top topics on Twitter, with many memes mixing.

But it is normal that the games do not end here and there is already an online generator where you can try to transform your name, or someone else's. The Elon Musk name generator was created by Richard Reis, who lives in Silicon Valley and co-founder of sitemostrecommendedbooks.com.

"A friend of mine" Elonified "his name on Slack yesterday. It was fun and we shared a good laugh. And because of that I was wondering … What would the rules be if I wanted to" Elonify "any name? What letters would become numbers, ligatures (typographical) or even (why not) Greek symbols? ", explains the entrepreneur who also has a Portuguese name, the result of his origin as a Brazilian mother and Angolan father.

The result of this idea was the "Elon Musk name generator", which he built in just one afternoon, with the Cybertruck design and implemented on Netlify. The response from the technology community was not long-awaited and the initiative is well known, which helps to promote Richard Reis' main project.