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Rusty Lake games are removed from the App Store because they are “very similar”

Turn and move App Store banning policies and policies are back in the spotlight because their rules are sometimes considered inconsistent and / or too strict. Today we have one more of these cases starring the game developer Rusty lake.

If you are unfamiliar, Rusty Lake is responsible for a number of puzzles highly praised and present on various platforms such as iOS, Android and Steam. The titles are all set in the same universe and are strongly guided by stories created by Rusty Lake itself, that is, they all have a similar and logical logic of similar gameplay, but with very different goals and storylines.

Rusty Lake Paradise gameRusty Lake Paradise game

Some of the developer's most popular games include Rusty lake paradise and Cube Escape, but no one can download their iOS versions right now. That's because Apple removed all games from the App Store without notice, just saying that the titles would be "spam" because they "look identical."

Rusty Lake went to Twitter to update its users and followers on the case. According to the developer, it is hoped that the withdrawal was the result of some error of the App Store algorithm and not a human action which would make the restoration of games easier.

To everyone who can't find our games on the App Store: Unfortunately they were removed from the store because they look like spam and are identical. We hope this is an automatically generated removal and that we will be back online soon.

The developer has already contacted Apple, but the case raises a number of suspicions: If this removal was the result of an automated inspection, as suspected by Rusty Lake, it would not be the case that Ma update these technologies so that they do not harm stadiums. honest with quality games? After all, the App Store is one of the biggest sources of profit for any cross-platform developer; Mere days of banning the store are already a blow to anyone's finances.

In addition, as the Cult of Mac, App Store policies seem inconsistent: while Rusty Lake's genre titles are removed, the store is still full of blatant copies of popular games like Fortnite, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush, meant only to take money away from users, without respect. any drop of intellectual property. That is, something needs to change in this whole logic.