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Russo sues Apple for "making him gay" [atualizado]

Believe it or not (and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't), but a Russian filed a lawsuit against Apple for moral damages, claiming that an iOS app “had made him gay”, according to the AFP news agency (via The Telegraph). In any case, the maximum is still valid: another day, another process.

If the accusation alone was no longer absurd, the reason behind it is even worse: according to the process, the man, identified as D. Razumilov, ordered an amount of Bitcoins via an unspecified iOS app, but instead of this cryptocurrency he received an amount of GayCoins. A note sent with the transfer said, "Don't judge until you try." Said and done.

I thought, actually, how can I judge something without trying? I decided to try homoaffective relationships. Now I have a boyfriend and I don't know how to explain this to my parents. My life has changed for the worse and never become normal.

More precisely, he accused Apple of “pushing it towards homosexuality”:

Apple pushed me into homosexuality through manipulation. This change caused me moral and mental damage.

Like every good defense, the young woman's lawyer, Sapizhat Gusnieva, told AFP that the case was "serious" and that his client was "scared" (imagine his boyfriend, then). Although the purchase of cryptocurrency was made through a third-party app, Gusnieva says Ma "is responsible for the apps distributed in his store."

For “moral damage,” Razumilov requires 1 million rubles (about R $ 63,000), which makes us wonder if the real motivation of the process is, perhaps, desperation for some change of the many billions that Ma has in cash.

A court in Russia should hear the case later this month. The situation is even more unusual as the Russian government has strict laws that bar any kind of homosexual manifestation, including what they call "gay propaganda". Apple, for its part, is an openly inclusive company and in the past has criticized cases of homophobia in Russia.

via AppleInsider

Update by Eduardo Marques 10/17/2019 10:58 AM

According to the AFP (via UOL), the Russian gave up the process. After a first closed-door hearing in which the complainant was not present, the lawyer announced that her client withdrew the complaint on grounds of media interest.

"We concluded that it was necessary to close the case because the next hearing would be public and your personal information would be disclosed," said the lawyer. AFP.