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RussianMac: another Mac clone maker

RussianMac logoApple's team of lawyers has just won yet another company to face in the courts. In addition to Psystar in Miami, HyperMegaNet UG in Germany and OpeniMac in Argentina, a new company has started offering clones of Macs, RussianMac.

The great “differential” of this is that it offers a complete line of Mac clones, from a more professional machine, through a mini model to a netbook version. Altogether, there are five different models:

Although RussianMac claims that all copies of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard are obtained and licensed legally, I am sure that Apple will not be very happy. In the license to use its operating system, Ma makes it clear that it is prohibited to install it on machines other than Macs, thus infringing its copyright.

A battle against RussianMac will not be easy for Apple. According OSNews, Russia has become increasingly protective of its own market and its companies. A large North American firm suing a small Russian company will not be seen very well by the country's courts.

All the specifications of the Mac clones and their respective prices, you can find on this page here.

(Via: 9 to 5 Mac.)