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Russia asks Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store

O Telegram, even though it does not have as many followers as WhatsApp here in Brazil, a messaging application popular for its resources but also for its security of the data of its users when using end-to-end encryption (which does not allow anyone, not even the Telegram itself, access messages from users).

And what a strong point of the app ended up being used against himself: in April, the Russian government banned the use of Telegram because the company refused to provide access to messages from users who were allegedly linked to terrorist activities.

That is why Roskomnadzor, a communications regulator in Russia, has ordered all operators and all ISPs to block the messaging app. After that, the agency managed to cut Telegram's operations in the country by 15-30%, but for them, that is not enough.

Because of that, now the hot potato is in Apple's hands. Ma has received requests from Roskomnadzor asking the system to block notifications push of Telegram users making the app less useful and also removing it from the App Store.

To avoid possible actions by Roskomnadzor for violations of the aforementioned Apple Inc. service (App Store), we ask that you inform us as soon as possible about your company's additional actions to resolve the issue.

Apple now has a month to respond to requests, and if it refuses to respond to requests, the Russian body may withdraw the App Store completely from the country. When asked what would happen if Ma did not comply, Roskomnadzor director Alexander Zharov just said that "for now, I would not like to foresee new actions".

The intention of the Russian government, as reported, would be to prevent future terrorist attacks in the country and, therefore, would be taking the necessary measures to do so.

When it comes to security and also privacy, what will Apple answer? Let us wait for the scenes of the next chapters

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