Rumors: WWDC 2016 will have no hardware releases; Siri should be the highlight

Rumors: WWDC 2016 will have no hardware releases; Siri should be the highlight

Mark Gurman, the boy who must take Tim Cook’s sleep because of Ma’s constant information leaks and who’s leaving the 9to5Mac to cover the technological world directly from the HQ of Bloombergin San Francisco recently participated in the podcast Jay and Farhad Show. The young man shared some information beyond beats and almost certainty about what we can see in this WWDC and throughout the year; on the other hand, it also brought some details that until then had not been commented on by anyone and that are worth mentioning here in .

Ready? So come on!

No new products

A bucket of cold water on the heads of those who hoped for new hardware at the next event I include myself in that. According to Gurman, we will not have new MacBooks Pro, displays or any other product being launched at WWDC 2016.

If his sources are right and they usually are, this update of the MBP will arrive only at the end of the year, bringing a Touch ID (we do not know if integrated into the trackpad or occupying the space of any key), a row of OLED keys that would be contextual ( the boats would change according to the application used), among other news.

MacBook Pro OLED concept

Speaking of this MBP, a reader of 9to5Mac created a concept of what this computer (13-inch) could be based on the recently leaked housing. Did you like it?

But back to the rumors, the new version of the Apple display will most likely also be more later.

Pear summary: to be a WWDC to the letter (conference for developers), 100% focused on software. Of course, hardware news would fall well, but

IOS improvements

IOS 10 should not bring big news, but a refinement of the system as a whole, including improvements in notifications and the Locked Screen (perhaps the option to show more information on it), changes in some icons, possible improvements in system security (encryption) ) Among other things. However, it would receive two very specific improvements: Siri and iMessage.

Siri SDK; arrival on Mac

Everything we have said about Siri will actually happen, according to Gurman. That is, Apple even launch an SDK for developers to integrate their apps with the assistant. It took a long time for that to happen, didn't it? According to the boy, the fault of the delay was Apple's concern with privacy.

In addition to iOS, watchOS and tvOS, Siri would also come to OS X, something that is quite expected and desired by users.

Apple Pay on iMessage

Remember that rumor? For Gurman brought it up again, saying that Apple does have plans to present something along these lines (a kind of micropayments, transfers that could be made between users in the iOS native messenger itself) at WWDC.

As we do not even have Apple Pay here in Brazil, most likely if the service is launched nothing will change for us at least for now.

Redesigned Apple Music

Apple's music service was recently launched, however it has already received its first major redesign to try to solve some of the problems that most plague users. To those interested, we already detail what would be included in this redesign here.

Unfortunately, at least for me, this time Apple will not dismember the service streaming from the Music app (Music) which would be a simple and killer solution to resolve many of the conflicts / doubts that exist today because Apple Music runs in the same place where users store their tracks locally.

Powered Photos App

Rumors indicate that the Photos app could win the blessed branding tools. This means that it will be possible, from the native app itself, to add arrows, squares, rectangles, circles, make notes, among other things.

IPhone changes for 2017

As we are following, the big changes in the iPhone should arrive only in 2017. For Gurman, being a kind of reset for the Apple device (which includes larger screens in a borderless structure and with Touch ID integrated in the screen itself).

A few days ago, information emerged that Apple was changing its launch strategy related to the smartphone. Currently, it makes major changes in the structure of the device every two years, and that would be every three years. But Gurman said it was not so. In fact, Apple would be planning annual changes, but instead of something more dramatic, modest improvements (yet noticeable, like the rumor of possible changes to the iPhone 7 that would include a new design for the device's antennas / stripes).

It makes sense, especially considering that in strategic countries Apple already has the iPhone Upgrade Program, which makes things a lot easier for those who want to change devices annually, something totally different from the company's initial strategy, which involved partnerships with operators in contracts that make users more comfortable to change devices every other year.

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Conclusion: if you are “just” an Apple consumer and not a developer, after all WWDC is always an important stage for those who are in the right area to adjust expectations in order not to be disappointed.

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