OLED screen mockup above the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro

Rumors: the focus of this week’s event will be the new MacBook Pro; iMacs and 5K display will stay for 2017

Thursday (10/27) has an Apple event to present the world with news on its line of computers. Hallelujah, brothers! As it is, it wouldn’t be impossible to see Apple updating * all * Macs – with the exception of the 12-inch MacBook, which has recently been upgraded.

For Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities, decided to place his bets for the event. And since he has proven himself at several times when it comes to launching predictions in the Apple world, it is good to keep an eye on his words.

OLED screen mockup above the keyboard of the new MacBook Pro

According to Kuo, the focus of Thursday will be the much-talked about new MacBook Pro, which will come with an OLED row above the keyboard (which should be called “Magic Toolbar”), Touch ID sensor on the on / off button , USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 ports and keyboard with the same butterfly system as MacBooks.

The analyst, however, gave more information than we can expect from this new machine, including: Skylake processors from Intel; screen with the same resolution but with an even better quality and energy efficiency (thanks to an oxide panel); a new option of 2TB storage capacity; the adoption of a processor similar to the Apple Watch to control the OLED bar; USB-C / MagSafe adapter launched by Apple itself (or by third parties).

On this, here are my two comments: I expect the standard MacBook Pro storage top of the line now to be 1TB (it’s past time); if Apple even launches a USB-C / MagSafe adapter, it is a statement that it is screwing up by removing this beautiful technology from the machine. I understand that the idea of ​​placing a multifunction port (which serves both to recharge and to transfer data, and audio and video output) is something very cool, but the advantage that MagSafe offers (security of not seeing your Mac flying when the wire is pulled) is unbeatable.

Going beyond the MacBook Pro, Kuo said that Apple will launch a “13-inch MacBook”, something he had previously said. Instead of being a slightly larger version of the current 12 ″, rumors point to the maintenance of the 13 ″ MacBook Air (which could win new USB-C ports and some other news). We’ll see…

Regarding desktops, the analyst said that Apple is working on a new iMac and a replacement for the Thunderbolt Display, but that these products are not yet ready and will only be launched in early 2017. He does not rule out, however, the presentation them now at the event.

For anyone who was expecting news about the Mac mini and Mac Pro, unfortunately Kuo said nothing about these machines at all. This does not mean that we have no news related to them. We’ll know on Thursday – with full coverage of MacMagazine, of course!

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