Rumors reinforce that launches of new iPad Pro and “iPhone 9” will still happen in March

If you followed yesterday’s news, it is possible that you got a knot in your head in relation to events about (possible) futures releases Apple, the change in the forecast of recipe of the company for the second fiscal quarter and the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China.

Despite the regrets, the Bloomberg reported today that Apple is yet to release new hardware at a likely special event next March, more precisely (and possibly) on 3/31.

Even though these Apple plans remain “on their feet”, the difficulties faced by the company due to the Coronavirus outbreak in China have rekindled discussions about the “dependence” of Apple on the Chinese market / production, as we will see later on.

Launch of new iPad Pro and “iPhone 9”


Yesterday, we announced that the possible launch of new iPad Pro would happen in March (according to information DigiTimes) and that the likely presentation of the “IPhone 9” would occur sometime in the first half of this year (according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo).

THE BloombergHowever, it reversed the order of things and announced a little while ago that, in reality, the launch of the next entry-level iPhone could happen in March, while that of the new iPad Pro would be at some other time this semester:

Amid problems with Coronavirus, Apple is preparing to launch a new low-cost iPhone for about $ 400. The model is still in the process of being launched in March, although plans are still fluid, according to people familiar with the matter. Apple is also preparing updated models of the iPad Pro with a new camera system for the first half of 2020, but the virus may impose delays or restrictions on these plans.

THE DigiTimes also published a news item today that meets the information released yesterday, “confirming” the launch of the new iPad Pro for March. However, the publication says sales of the next generation of the tablet will not peak before April, which could cause Apple to “delay” the launch of the device until factories in China completely resume production.

Apple is expected to launch its new iPad Pro series around March, but sales are unlikely to peak before April as its component suppliers are slowly increasing their production after the prolonged Chinese New Year break due to the outbreak. of Coronavirus, according to industry sources.

Regarding hardware specifications, the Bloomberg says the next entry-level iPhone will look like an iPhone 8 and be equipped with an A13 chip. The DigiTimes says the new iPad Pro will have a triple camera system that will include a ToF 3D sensor.

Dependence on China

The report of Bloomberg it also covers a discussion raised at other times about China’s participation in Apple’s business and productions. As we know, the company has already faced other problems in Chinese lands that impacted its revenue, and now the company is in a similar dilemma.

First, a trade war with the United States and now the emergence of a new Coronavirus has called into question China’s role as a reliable market and supply partner for the world’s most valuable electronics maker.

According to many, the solution for Apple would be to move its production outside of China – which does not improve the question of the company’s sales in the country, because if China “stops” (due to any problem), Apple’s sales will be affected in the same way. Furthermore, removing production from China would be virtually impossible in the short term, given the scale of its network and suppliers in the country.

Apple’s supply chain in China is so tight and large that it would be difficult to replicate outside the region. I think you will continue to see small expansions in India, but the vast majority of production will remain in China.

According to the analyst Shannon Cross, obviously this is not a problem that affects only Apple; in fact, the entire smartphone industry will suffer from the Coronavirus outbreak in China, with sales in the first half of this year being heavily impacted.

Smartphone sales in 2020

Nevertheless, the market should recover from July and, if Apple’s sales follow a similar trajectory, they may return to the normal index until the end of the year – as seen in the graph above, by Strategy Analytics.

It is that saying: if you run, the animal gets; if it stays, the animal eats.

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