Rumor: “iPhone 8” Will Have Full Glass Case to Support Wireless Charging

Rumors: rear of the next iPhones will be glass; top-of-the-line will have 5.8 ″ screen and stainless steel structure

If the rumors about the iPhone to be launched in 2017 they were already appearing even before the iPhone 7 was launched, get ready, because now they should pop up with more and more frequency. And who again spoke about future smartphones was the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities (which once again proved to have great sources by hitting most of the rumors involving the launch of the iPhone 7 and Apple Watches Series 1 and 2).

Kuo repeated many things that he had already said, such as a possible return of a structure made of glass (he had also considered using ceramics) and the availability of a new size of, believe me, 5.8 inches to complement the current line (formed by 4.7 ″ and 5.5 ″ models).

IPhone concept without Start button

Before despairing about this giant iPhone, remember that at least for now this is nothing more than a rumor and that, it seems, in 2017 we will see a great redesign of the device, which would come without an Incio button (Home) and, consequently, with a screen occupying the entire front of the device (without the large upper and lower margins that we have now). Thus, taking into account that this design reaches all models of the future line (4.7 ″, 5.5 ″ and 5.8 ″), it is plausible to believe that all of them would have their dimensions quite reduced, perhaps with the 5 model , 8 ″ about the size of the current Plus.

Well then. Due to the success of the new shiny black color (jet black), Apple would have even opted for glass for the next iPhones since this material allows for a much brighter coloring than aluminum, while offering a much higher scratch resistance (not to mention that, at least in theory, Apple will not have so many problems with the production of a device as it has experience since the iPhones 4 / 4s).

On the screen of the device, Kuo made two observations. The first that she continues with the curvature we know (slightly rounded corners, what the analyst calls 2.5D glass; that is, nothing of a really curved screen like the one we have on the Galaxy S6 / 7 edge, which Kuo calls glass 3D). The second talks about the display technology itself. Remember the rumor that next year's iPhones would come with a screen OLED? Kuo believes that Apple will employ the technology only in the top-of-the-line (5.8 ″) model; the models we know today (4.7 ″ and 5.5 ″) would continue to use an LCD display.

The differences between the supposed new top-of-the-line model and the others would not be just the OLED screen, no. According to the analyst, to join the front and rear windows, Apple uses two types of material: aluminum and stainless steel. The aluminum (resistant material, however more affordable) would be destined to the models of 4.7 ″ and 5.5 ″; already stainless steel (also resistant, but more expensive and with a more premium see what Apple already does with its watch line) would be intended exclusively for the 5.8 ″ model.

Only time will tell if these Kuo bets will come true. But, as the analyst's history goes beyond assertive, we have good clues.

(via MacRumors)