Rumors point to a new iPhone SE coming this month or early 2018

A lot (really, much) has been talking about the future of the iPhone in the form of a device with "infinite screen" and a possibly astronomical price, which, at least preliminarily, will be called "iPhone 8". However, we all know that the future of Apple's smartphones can't completely fall into the hands of such an advanced and expensive device and yes, yes, as much as Apple is expected to release updated models of iPhones 7 and 7 Plus in October too. , my technique here another: let's talk about iPhone SE.

The cheapest of Apple's smartphones seems to be in a kind of existential limbo, not knowing whether to continue Ma's plans for the future or to be permanently filed, remaining as a single mid-segment version never much prioritized by Ma. Now, Some rumors contradict all this theory being fanned by some sources.

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New iPhone SE being launched now!

The French of iGeneration They claim, citing sources close to the subject, that Apple will introduce a new version of the iPhone SE "in August," better known as "the month we're in right now." The release would not be a mere update of details, so that, according to the site, there would be a special event for the presentation of this new device.

What's more, according to the news, the new iPhone SE would be cheaper than the current one. While Ma's smartphone entry model currently costs 489 (~ $ 1,800) in Europe, the new version is supposed to cost 399 (~ $ 1,500). No more information, however, about the specifications of the device itself design, screen, processor, cameras and a possible introduction of 3D Touch on the line still remain a mystery.

Of course, although the iGeneration Since it is a relatively respected vehicle (and it certainly would not create a factoid only by audience), we need to put this rumor in its proper place, that of debt. The iPhone SE already had a minor update in March this year, when its storage capacities doubled, and I particularly don't see Ma organizing an event focused on its incoming smartphone; perhaps announcing it along with your dearer brothers, by September / October, is more plausible.

Still, we'll keep an eye out. If Apple really has this letter up its sleeve, invitations to such an event should appear sooner.

New iPhone SE Coming Early 2018

A second reasonably more realistic rumor, however, from a less well-known source about iPhone SE comes from the newspaper Focus Taiwan. According to the publication, the assembly of Apple's incoming smartphone successor would be the responsibility of Wistron, which would use its factory complex in India for such a task, thereby significantly expanding the number of iPhones manufactured in the southern country. sia.

More than that: According to the newspaper, Apple's idea would be to focus initially on India sales of the new smartphone, possibly even starting to sell it in the country first and only then to start a global expansion. The launch of the successor of the iPhone SE, according to the vehicle, would be for the first quarter of 2018 which makes sense, considering that, in this period, the small smartphone completes its second birthday.

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Who to believe?

via MacRumors, iClarified