New rumor predicts new Mac mini for March, based on NVIDIA's Ion platform

Rumors of a new Mac mini resurface at this Macworld Expo 2009

Now it was the to launch the speculation of a new Mac mini at this Macworld Expo 2009, right at the beginning of January. According to an internal source at Apple, the release should not be the highlight of the event, but possibly the subject of the opening of Steve Jobs' keynote on the 6th (although the original story cites the 5th, that the first day event, but not the day of the speech of the CEO of Ma).

Mac mini

According to reports, the new Mac entry-level bring a monoblock aluminum case (just like the new MacBooks), eliminate most of its toxic components (it’s supposed to be “the greenest Mac in history”), implement the Mini DisplayPort and come with the traditional SuperDrive slot-loading.

The factory setting for the new Mac mini would come with 2GB of RAM (expandable to 4GB), double the current one. In addition, its new housing should make the memory exchange process much simpler than the current generation. Your hard drive should be at least 160GB and there will be two processor options offered: Core 2 Duo at 2GHz or 2.3GHz (against 1.83GHz and 2GHz from those sold today).

Like the new notebooks, the 2.3GHz Mac mini comes with an NVIDIA graphics card, making it decent for gaming. The 2GHz model, however, continue to come with an integrated Intel board probably the GMA X3100 present in the current white MacBook. THE speculates that the basic model will cost US $ 500, while the best will cost US $ 700 (US $ 100 less than the current ones).

Will they get it right or will it all go wrong? Pro Mac mini, or d, or down: the machine has not been updated since August 2007, and much has been speculated recently about his death.