Rumors: New Super-Fast Charging and Dark Mode AirPods on iOS 13

Rumors: New Super-Fast Charging and Dark Mode AirPods on iOS 13

Editor of XDA Portal, Max weinbach It doesn't have a big track record of rumors about the Apple world but it seems to have gotten some good source of information and recently dropped bets on the second generation of AirPods and iOS 13.

According to him, the new AirPods It will support super-fast recharging, going from 0% to 100% in just 15 minutes (for both headphones and case). As the battery of the headphones very small, they already charge very fast today but the case itself takes 2-3h that would be a breakthrough.

Weinbach also cites the obvious, which is the inclusion of wireless recharge in the AirPods recharge case according to him, with the Qi standard. Therefore, the case gets a little bigger and heavier.

Corroborating another recent rumor, Weinbach also mentions that the material from the new AirPods will be very similar to the Apple Pencil 2. The idea is that they become a little more porous, less slippery.

About the iOS 13Weinbach “confirms” that Apple has implemented a Dark Mode (Dark mode) on it but believes that the news will not be ready soon for the initial version of the mobile operating system. Your bet that it will be released to everyone on iOS 13.1.

Finally, champagne can burst: Weinbach makes sure that the rough square of volume adjustment disappears on iOS 13, probably being replaced by something more subtle / decent.

Speed ​​up, 2019!

via 9to5Mac