OS X Mavericks on a MacBook Pro Retina

Rumors: new MacBooks Pro with Retina display will be launched in late October; new Mac Pro will arrive on 11/15

It’s past time for Apple to launch new MacBooks Pro with Retina display, Is not it? The MacBook Air line, for example, incorporated Intel’s new “Haswell” processor in June – check out our review of the machine -, while iMacs were updated in late September.

OS X Mavericks on a MacBook Pro Retina

Taking into account that notebook sales are very important for the Mac line and that the MacBook Pro is the company’s professional portable machine, I am amazed at this “delay”. That said, the French website MacG claims [Google Tradutor] that the wait will finally end next week.

According to them, new MacBooks Pro equipped with the fourth generation of Intel processors will be available on Thursday or Friday of next week (October 24 or 25). In addition to the new processors, the professional notebook will most likely also feature updated graphics, Wi-Fi 802.11ac (“Gigabit Wi-Fi”) and faster flash storage options.

Mac Pro (2013)

Jumping from the notebook to the professional desktop, the website claims that the new Mac Pro will finally be available for purchase on November 15th (a Friday).

In addition to Macs, the French also decided to talk about the possible dates for the arrival of the new iPads, which should be presented next week, on 10/22. They believe that both the second generation iPad mini and the fifth generation iPad will be available from October 30th or 31st – which doesn’t make much sense, considering that 10/31 is a Thursday and that, traditionally, Apple offers new iGadgets on Fridays.

We will keep an eye on these dates to assess whether the sources of the MacG are unreliable or not. ?

[via AppleInsider]

MacBook Pro with Retina Display MacBook Pro with Retina display

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