Rumors: MacBook with Touch ID, iPad Pro with USB-C, Watch with ECG support and more!

Ming-Chi Kuo, the most famous and assertive analyst in the world Apple, is back now with forecasts involving the MacBook, O iPad Pro it's the “Apple Watch Series 4”.

Let's go to possible news:

Ming-Chi Kuo forecasts


For Kuo, Apple will even launch a new MacBook at a more affordable price, in order to kill the MacBook Air once and for all. Such a theory makes a lot of sense and goes against some rumors which cover the MacBook Air being renewed by Apple in order to to gain more flow and a more competitive price.

Still according to the analyst, this new MacBook win Touch ID. But anyone who thinks that, along with biometric recognition, there will also be a Touch Bar on the machine is wrong. For Kuo, Apple will implement just the same Touch ID, without the rest of the package.

iPad Pro

Something very hard to believe but you will know was the projection related to the Apple tablet. According to Kuo, the iPad Pro will abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C (consequently, the device would have higher data transmission speeds and could be recharged more quickly). Not to mention, of course, the changes that have been long awaited and practically certain, such as a smaller screen, the incorporation of Face ID, faster processor, etc.

He also reported that Ma's tablet comes with a 18W charger In the box. This was already expected due to the rumor that the new iPhones will come with an 18W USB-C charger capable of delivering fast recharge. However, Kuo said that only iPads will come with such a charger and that the new iPhones will continue to come with the current 5W. 😩🤬

“Apple Watch Series 4”

Here, some interesting news.

Kuo repeated the larger display speech with smaller borders and expected improvements, but also predicted support for electrocardiography (ECG) and a ceramic back on all models (currently, the aluminum model without cellular connectivity has the back made of material compound). It remains to be seen whether we will still have a model being offered without cellular connectivity or if all models will be LTE.


In the image released by the analyst (the one at the top), we also see references to AirPods and AirPower, although he did not mention whether Apple's wireless headphones will get more news (like “E a, Siri”) or if we will only see the arrival of the case with wireless charging capability.

All this at the September 12 event?

Probably not. Even though Kuo released that note to investors today, it doesn't necessarily mean that Apple will launch all of this this week, on September 12th. It is very likely that new Macs and iPads will stay for October or November (either in a new event or even launching everything silently, by Apple itself).

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Regardless, this holiday season is quite busy for Apple!

via AppleInsider

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