Rumors: “iPhone X Plus” will come with three rear cameras; 6.1 ″ iPhone will have a rear camera and 1st generation Face ID

The rumors about new iPhones they are gaining more and more strength. And, from a few weeks to now, something curious especially for photography lovers has been winning out: the possibility of a model coming with three rear cameras.

In fact, by all indications, Apple launched three models of iPhones: one of 5.8 ″ (successor to the iPhone X, with two rear cameras); a 6.1 ″ (with LCD screen and a rear camera) and a 6.5 ″ (with three rear cameras). Who corroborated this information now was Gordon Kelly (from Forbes) which, with accessory manufacturer Ghostek, claimed to have put its hands on the technical designs of the 6.5 ″ and 6.1 ″ models.

Technical drawings of

What we see above would be the “iPhone X Plus” model, with a configuration of three rear cameras. Yes, that circle in the middle would be a camera! Although many thought it was the flash, Kelly said that a third camera and that the flash would be located next to the set of lenses is the reason that it is not represented in the technical drawing, however, an unknown. 😕

Although it is not clear what third camera this would be, Kelly believes that it makes a lot of sense for Apple to follow the path taken by Huawei, which put a monochrome camera on the P20 Pro to assist wide-angle and telephoto lenses. This monochrome camera is great for photos in low light (because it captures more light) and in fact it makes a lot of sense for Apple to implement this since, in my opinion, this is an area that it has been suffering from compared to other manufacturers like obviously Huawei and Samsung.

The boring part of it all, after introducing a flagship (iPhone X), Apple would again have a larger iPhone with more features / technology than the smaller model. And speaking of size, this 6.5 ″ iPhone would be slightly smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus (157.2 × 77.1mm versus 158.4 × 78.1mm). Nothing was said about its thickness, but Kelly said the “iPhone X Plus” must be heavier than the 8 Plus (which weighs 202 grams).

Technical drawings of

According to the technical drawings of the supposed iPhone of 6.1 ″, it would have 147.1 × 71.5mm against 143.6 × 70.9mm of the iPhone X. “Confirming” what we already heard, the employee of Forbes He said that this model, in addition to having only a rear camera, would also come without 3D Touch. A novelty that we did not hear until then, although it is a little obvious that this device would have a notch more prominent than your brothers. That's because the successor to iPhone X and “iPhone X Plus” would come with the second generation of Face ID, while this 6.1 ″ model would come with the current Face ID we know.

As always happens when these predictions are made, Kelly “protected” herself by saying that everything can still change; on the other hand, he stated that the mass production of these devices needs to start soon so that they are widely available at launch and that there would not be much time for major changes, only minor adjustments. Therefore, much of what he commented above would in fact be the reality in future models.


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