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Rumors: “iPhone 8” will have fast battery charging, “tap to activate” feature and more!

Sonny Dickson decided to speak these last few days. In addition to possible new features in iOS 10.3, he who has good contacts with Apple vendors shared some of what he already knows about the upcoming iPhones with Gordon Kelly, from Forbes.

Here is what was said:

Faster loading

According to Dickson, the three models (yes, according to him we will have three new iPhones being launched in 2017 more about this below) will feature the “Tristar 3, Hydra” chip, which will allow them to be recharged in a much more faster than currently. This technology, however, is unlikely to be compatible with the standard developed by Qualcomm (Quick Charge ”) and used widely by Ma's competitors.

It is also not known whether this would imply a change of standard (from Lightning to USB-C, which I particularly think is practically impossible to happen at least now) and whether it would be compatible with some new wireless charging technology already ventilated by steel.

Speaking of a possible faster recharge and, who knows, wireless, the CEO of Energous (the one that has already been involved in rumors with Apple) communicated this week (via The Verge) that its technology will be ready for the market by the end of 2017.

Anyone following the matter should remember that the executive said the same thing during CES 2015, stating that his long-distance wireless charging transmitters would be ready by the end of that year. There is only one thing in this story: Steve Rizzone also said that plans changed after Energous signed a “key strategic partnership” just a month after the event, it was necessary to further miniaturize technology. The deal between Energous and this partner strategy also gave this unknown company the right to be the first to use wireless contactless charging technologies within phones, laptops, tablets, wearables and accessories.

(Our partner) is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. I can't say who, but I can virtually guarantee that you have products from this company with you, at your desk, or at home.

Steve Rizzone, CEO of Energous.

Guess who this Energous partner would be! Because .

Touch to activate

A feature present on Android devices finally reaches the iPhone, the “touch to activate”. It's as simple as you think: you touch the screen and it calls you to view your notifications.

This novelty, however, would only be present in the “iPhone 8”, and not in the “iPhone 7s / 7s Plus” duo, which would also be launched in parallel. Of course, everything is still in the process of being decided and can change according to Dickson, normally these things are decided by the end of the first quarter.

Repetition of rumors

In addition to the above, Kelly reinforces some rumors that we have already discussed here in , like a new design practically without borders and made with a new material (glass, maybe), curved OLED display, improvements in the dual camera system, among other things.

Time, as always, will say.