Supposed new colors of

Rumors: “iPhone 8” will have a golden copper color; image shows a new internal structure

The avalanche of “confirmations” from the firmware from HomePod are making the rumored machine even a little bland. But, anyway, it doesn’t stop until the next products are revealed.

But, even though HomePod is now Apple’s biggest whistleblower, we can’t forget that there are pre-firmware rumors – many of them published on the Chinese social network Weibo. As recently, some new photos were published there, showing three different colors for the “IPhone 8”.

New colors

One looks like a new version of shiny black; another would be a white version; there is also a new color that was called “copper rose” “golden copper”, something like “champagne gold” or something like that. All options appear to be glass (or at least mirrored).

Supposed new colors of

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (from KGI Securities) had already mentioned that the “iPhone 8” would have fewer color options, besides saying that the rear could also be made of glass (to match the screen with very thin edges and to facilitate wireless charging).

Despite all this, the veracity of the images is still somewhat blurred. That is, there is no indication that they were taken at any official factory or if they are just units dummy which are very recurrently appearing around.

“IPhone 8” will be expensive

Lou Zhongsheng, an executive at Foxconn, published something a little more plausible on the same Chinese social network last weekend. He said that the “iPhone 8” would not come cheap, mainly because of the OLED screen – something that had been previously considered.

OLED (production) yield is only 60%. Cutting the screen in this special shape seems really difficult and the cost will not be cheap. I bet the iPhone 8 won’t be cheap.

I don’t even want to think how much this beauty will cost here in Brazil …

Wireless charging system

Still in the field of rumors, Benjamin Geskin published on Twitter an image taken also from the social network Weibo, which demonstrates the supposed wireless charging system.

# iPhone8 Foxconn production photos. Shows wireless charging, the stackable two-layer circuit board and the L-shaped battery

And this Windows XP there? Nuss …

What suggested the suspicion that the image was referring to “iPhone 8” was the code name present on it: “Ferrari” – which last December already indicated that it was the device’s code name.

Still, the acronym “EVT” can be read in the image, an abbreviation for Engineering Validation Test (Engineering Validation Test), a phase that Apple should have passed a long time ago. For this reason, there are two hypotheses: the image is real but it is already a little old; or the image is not authentic.

As it is, if the wireless charging is really real (and it seems that it is), we will soon see confirmations in more leaks from HomePod… ?

via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider