Rumors: “iPhone 8” will come in versions of 64GB, 256GB and 512GB; event should take place on September 12th

They were homesick for the “IPhone 8”? After a whole week basically dedicated to rumors related to the already mythical device, we finally had a (!) Day off with nothing to say about it. Today, however, we are already back with more speculation about the device – coming from different parts of the world, it is good to note.

Let’s go to them, then!


The most hearty rumors of the day come directly from the other side of the world: the Chinese “infiltrators” of the GeekBar, who have a reasonable record of success in their discoveries related to the iPhone, revealed today on the Weibo social network in which capabilities the “iPhone 8” will (allegedly) be offered.

According to them, the next flagship of the Apple smartphones will be sold in versions of 64GB, 256GB and absurdities 512GB, going up a notch compared to the existing iPhones 7 and 7 Plus (ranging from 32GB to 256GB). It is not known, however, whether the new “iPhones 7s / 7s Plus” will also be upgraded in capacity or will remain with the current options, although the second option seems more likely.

Supposed 64GB module from SanDisk that will equip the

THE GeekBar published the image above, of a 64GB memory module from SanDisk which is supposed to equip “iPhones 8”; according to the Chinese, the American manufacturer will be responsible for producing the 64GB and 256GB memories, while the 512GB modules will be under the responsibility of two companies: Samsung and the Hynix.

Finally, the GeekBar affirms what we all expected: all versions of the “iPhone 8” will come with 3GB of RAM, with no changes compared to what we already have on the iPhone 7 Plus. Understandable, but wouldn’t it be the case to increase this number, especially in the 512GB model – which will certainly be aimed at more advanced users? The question remains.

Date of the presentation

We all already have a reasonably consolidated idea that Apple, as tradition dictates, will present its new line of smartphones in September, but there is still no certain date for this epic presentation. However, the French website Mac4Ever has a very credible guess: September 12th, a Tuesday.

Our French friends are based on information obtained from mobile operators in the country, such as Orange and SFR, who were instructed to prepare for the announcement by creating new inventory and marketing items. If the date is correct and Apple follows the launch procedures it has adopted with iPhones in previous years, that would mean that the new iPhones would go on pre-order on Friday of the same week, the 15th, and would hit the shelves of the first countries on the 22nd or 29.

The biggest doubt in relation to this, of course, is due to the availability still not quite certain of the “iPhone 8”, but as for this small detail, we will have to wait and see. If the Mac4Ever you are right, invitations to the event should appear in the coming weeks. Then – as always – we’ll be connected!

“IPhone 7s” in the new color

Here, we have more curiosity than anything else. It is already a known fact that the new iPhones will come in a very color, say, different, that no one knows exactly what it will be called – some speak of “golden copper” (“Copper gold”), others in “blush gold” (“Blush gold”). We have already seen the “iPhone 8” and “iPhone 7s Plus” in this new color, but never the supposed “iPhone 7s” – until now.

The Czech website Mobilenet published a few more photos of prototypes of Apple’s three future smartphones; nothing very different from what we have seen so far, but with the illustrious presence of the younger brother of the new family with the unprecedented color:

Three colors of

Only one thing I have to say about this: even if it is inferior, the circular camera module is still much more harmonious than the oval constructions of the larger iPhones. Can’t you put two sensors in there, Apple?

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