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Rumors: “iPhone 8” is expected to cost around $ 999 and will feature wireless induction charging

The closer we get to the next iPhone's announcement, the hotter and more tangible are the clues about its features.

O New York Times published yesterday (23/8) an interesting story regarding the ten years of the iPhone and, talking about the device to be announced, some "confirmations" were made.

According to anonymous sources, the model premium next iPhone will cost about $ 999, which may mean a little less or more than that which, in this case, would agree with suggestions that appeared in February this year, which stated that the device should sell for more than $ 1,000.

We also need to consider that this price possibly represents the entry model, with the smallest storage option that should be 64GB, according to rumors. Either way, it means that the device we call “iPhone 8” costs much more than the initial model of the Plus model, which currently costs around $ 769.

The same sources also stated that, as we saw in firmware leaked from HomePod, the next iPhone will have face recognition to unlock the device. In addition, wireless recharging will also be present in the device; unlike the mind-boggling assumptions of air-loading or the like, however, the process will be as we know it by magnetic induction.

Although the NYT they usually come from reliable sources, not sure until the device is presented, possibly in the first or second week of September. Just missing!

via The Verge