Tim Cook would be personally testing a glucose meter prototype on his Apple Watch

Rumors: “iPad Pro” with stylus and Bluetooth keyboard; Cheap Apple Watch gold / rosé

Believe me: the rumors about next week's releases at Apple's special event are not over yet. This week we talked a lot about it, but the 9to5Mac has now taken a look at everything that we will probably see Tim Cook and company presenting at the event but adding some more details.

Here’s what’s new:

Force Touch of the new iPhones

The arrival of technology to Apple smartphones is already “right”, but, according to sources from Mark Gurman, on the iPhone, Apple managed to implement everything in a slightly different way, with the system managing to identify what a touch, a pressed lightly and one pressed harder (that is, three levels of interaction).

"IPad Pro"

Yes, according to the website we will meet the 12-13 inch iPad at this event. But we already know that; What we “don’t know” was that, in addition to also having Force Touch technology, this iPad really has everything to come with a stylus.

We were informed that the pen, which will be supplied in the “iPad Pro” box, does not look like a traditional (stylus). The stylus opens the door to more drawing apps and designs on the new iPad, and the integration with the Force Touch screen allows the stylus and the “iPad Pro” to work differently based on the pressure levels applied by the stylus to the iPad screen. . In addition, the pens will be sold separately.

Also expect “normal” accessories such as Smart Cover and Smart Cases. However, in addition to them, Apple wants to take advantage of the Bluetooth connectivity power of this iPad and intends to launch a keyboard accessory specially created for it.

Although the “iPad Pro” will be presented next week, it should start selling only in November when the company plans to release iOS 9.1.

Apple Watches

J o New York Times (via @viticci) informed that we may see the arrival of new gold / pink Apple Watches. These, however, would be made of metal and would cost much less than the Apple Watches Edition, something that is not new either, but that until then had not been considered for this event.

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On the floor of the carriage, we will have a keynote with more than two hours in duration