Rumors dismiss iPads Pro totally borderless and suggest “iPhone 8” with 3D camera

Rumors dismiss iPads Pro totally borderless and suggest “iPhone 8” with 3D camera

To reinforce the rumor about iPads that appeared this month, the normally accurate Japanese website MACBlog received information about the devices from a source in Taiwan.

According to the website, Apple would actually be planning to launch a new model of iPad Pro with 10.9 inches borderless, which would have the same physical size as the current 9.7 inch model. However, the novelty is that the thickness would increase, equaling the first generation of the iPad Air, with 7.5mm. The 12.9 inch model would also increase, reaching 7.2 mm in thickness, while the 7.9 inch model would remain the same.

IPad family

The website also stated that the new iPad would not be completely borderless. A small frame would be present at the top where the FaceTime camera will be; however, the Incio button would be removed. About this, the question remains: where would the Touch ID be?

"IPhone 8"

Rumors about the likely “iPhone 8” have been fanned frantically by interwebs. The latest news was that we will see devices that are completely glass, curved and with OLED screen. To give greater weight to these rumors, the Wall Street Journal published today that at least one of the iPhone models of the year will come with an OLED screen.

IPhone 8 concept“IPhone 8” concept by @ VenyaGeskin1

According to WSJ, Apple would have asked one of its suppliers to increase the production of OLED screens and send prototypes "with a better resolution than Samsung devices". The sources said that there are already more than ten prototypes to be evaluated by Ma.

Although the technology is great for allowing thinner, more flexible and illuminated screens, analysts estimate that this should cost $ 50 more to produce. If Sharp really does supply the screens to Apple, that “joke” can reach up to $ 5 billion.

It is believed that the price is one of the reasons why Ma is reserving the technology for only one model (therefore, less units). Another factor would be choosing to rely on Samsung to supply its renowned OLED screens. Sharp, LG Display and Japan Display, suppliers of the LCD technology currently used by Apple, would probably be in charge of this, even if they are a little behind the South Korean giant. The prediction for them to be able to produce a large number of units would be from 2018 onwards, which means that, even if there are OLED screens, I will not turn around with the “super-redesigned” expected for next year, on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

3D camera?

Another peculiar rumor that has emerged in recent days was that Apple would be working with a subsidiary of LG to bring the next iPhone model a camera capable of capture 3D images.

IPhone 7 Plus Cameras

Ventilated by The Korea Economic Daily, the rumor mentions that a dual camera would be on the iPhones scheduled to be launched next year. The website mentions that the 3D camera manufactured by Innotek LG would join forces with the technology of the company LinX, acquired by Ma last year.

The rumor seems a little weak, but surely this technology could be used with such augmented reality glasses that Apple is supposed to be planning to launch, along with an improvement on the Cmera app.

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