Rumors: Apple may launch 4 new iPhones in 2020;  end of 3D Touch

Rumors: Apple may launch 4 new iPhones in 2020; end of 3D Touch

We are already in the second half of the year, which means that rumors about Apple’s upcoming releases, such as the iPhone, tend to increase significantly.

Although some of the possible features of the next Apple smartphone have already been commented on, certain rumors point out that the Cupertino giant may be keeping even more news under its sleeve, as we will see below.

End of 3D Touch

As we said, some of the likely changes to the thriving line of iPhones are not exactly new. Among them, since last year the possibility that Apple will abandon 3D Touch in the next devices has been circulating the web, gaining even more prominence after the launch of the first beta versions of iOS 13, which reduced the applicability of this technology.

Now the DigiTimes added even more fuel to this fire by stating that the change could affect Apple’s own suppliers, since the Taptic Engine modules (which give life to the 3D Touch) will be simplified (or eliminated), making these companies profit less with these components.

These suppliers (such as TPK and GIS), however, seem to be satisfied with sales projections for the coming months, considering that orders for touch sensors for the new iPads and MacBooks (in addition to iPhones with 3D Touch that are still being manufactured) are not expected to decline this year.

THE DigiTimes he also indicated that Apple is considering adding Chinese supplier BOE to its list of partners, despite the trade war between the United States and China. In this case, Apple’s motivation would be to avoid the recent Japanese restrictions on exports to Korea, which could put the production of OLED displays (from Samsung) at risk. For now, both companies have not confirmed the partnership.

iPhones in 2020: 5G models and 3D camera

Unlike last year, when Apple introduced three new models of iPhones (two of them related), the company will be able to launch four new versions of its gadget flagship next year, according to JP Morgan analysts. The information is CNBC.

Among the new devices, at least three models are expected to have OLED displays: one 5.4 ″, another 6.1 ″ and, finally, one 6.7 ″. Analysts also predict that these iPhones will already feature 5G technology by 2020, which was also suggested by Ming-Chi Kuo last month – except for the 6.1 ″ model, which for Kuo will feature only 4G (LTE) connectivity. ).

Not surprisingly, the new models are also expected to include advanced 3D sensor technology in the rear cameras, something that had already been commented on by Bloomberg earlier this year.

As for the fourth possible iPhone model expected in 2020, the firm predicts that Apple will be able to chase after the customers it preferred when iPhones had 4.7 ″ screens and launch an updated device the same size as the iPhone 8, but without the technologies mentioned above, such as 5G and the 3D camera, in addition to having an LCD display.

Sales forecast for the “iPhone 11”

It is in the nature of a rumor to be uncertain, but when this information addresses certain issues, it can do real damage. This is what happened when the analysis firm Rosenblatt Securities released a pessimistic outlook on the possible performance of the next line of iPhones, affecting (briefly) the Cupertino giant’s shares.

Render of

The company downgraded Apple’s papers from “neutral” to “sale” after suggesting that sales of the next iPhones will be “disappointing” and that the company’s service revenue growth is expected to slow.

In fact, feelings about the next line of gadget from Apple are quite mixed, since the device is expected to feature a new camera system with three lenses, which has left some users concerned with the design of the device (which should resemble that of the XS / XS Max iPhones). In addition, it is possible that the new iPhones offer support for bilateral wireless charging.

Time will tell.

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