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Rumors: AirPower will arrive in the coming months; new AirPods will have special coating

The saga of AirPower goes without definitions and the product has already become something of a hybrid of myth and joke among those who follow the news about the world of the Apple. Every now and then, a new rumor about the wireless charger arises to rekindle the hopes of its potential buyers – and that’s exactly what happened today.

The website MySmartPrice (who doesn’t have an enviable hit record there, but cites sources close to the subject) said Apple’s wireless charger will be launched in the spring of the northern hemisphere (meaning between March and June), corroborating past rumors. According to the report, AirPower will be a little thicker than originally expected due to its internal coil configuration in an 8-7-7 scheme.

Apparently, Apple is also working on “exclusive features” for AirPower that will be released with the arrival of iOS 13 – there is no specificity on what those features will be, however. The website corroborates the $ 150 for the charger, and states that, along with it, Apple will also put on the market the updated case for AirPods with wireless charging capability – which, incidentally, will have a slightly smaller battery to accommodate the new internal components.

New AirPods

In addition to the updated case for the first (and so far only) generation AirPods, the MySmartPrice it also brought details of the future update of the headphones, which still has no date to reach the market but should appear later this year.

Inclined AirPods

According to the website, Apple’s new wireless headphones will abandon the shiny (and slippery) finish and have a new, more adherent coating, similar – source words – to the frosted glass on the back of the Google Pixel 3. The change would leave safer earphones in users’ ears, according to the report.

In addition, the update would give AirPods better sound quality (with a slightly altered design to improve the reproduction of low tones) and a new, more discreet black color option; the battery life should remain the same. The site has not beaten the hammer on the price of new accessories, but believes that the new AirPods should hit the market by $ 200 – a considerable increase over the current generation’s $ 160.



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