Registration of Powerbeats Pro with the FCC

Rumors about “new” Powerbeats Pro are actually about the current generation

Some (several) news released in recent weeks have pointed to a possible update of the Powerbeats Pro, the top-of-the-line version of Beats wireless headphones. However, a new report by MacRumors apparently it clears up these buzz once and for all.

According to them, instead of a possible new generation of the accessory, these new records that they painted recently in the United States, Malaysia and, more recently, in South Korea, refer to a “small internal adjustment” of the current model, launched in April last year.

Registration of Powerbeats Pro with the FCC

As proof of this, the MacRumors analyzed an Apple page on which it maintains a list of regulations made in the European Union for all its products; it features two pairs of modelosPowerbeats Pro models (A2047 / A2048 and A2453 / A2454), suggesting that Apple considers all these models to be of the same generation.

Listing of Powerbeats Pro models

Thus (and taking into account that the first records were seen almost a month ago, on the same day as the launch of the new iPhone SE), it is likely that even this supposed version with internal adjustments has already been released – as they would be exactly the same to the first generation Powerbeats Pro, Apple would have no reason to publicly announce them.

It is worth remembering that Apple launched a new model of Powerbeats (“common”) last March, which are still unavailable for purchase in Brazil.