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Rumors: 2020 top-of-the-line iPhones will be 5.4 ″ and 6.7 ″; OLED screen will be more advanced

It is already a (almost) known fact that three 2020 iPhones (successors of 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max) will be equipped with OLED In addition to some other details here and there. Today, a new report from ETNews arrived to corroborate these rumors and put more wood at the stake.

According to the newspaper, which has reliable sources in the South Korean supply and manufacturing chain, Apple change screen size of iPhones flagship (ie more expensive) and slightly modify the OLED technology embedded in them. More specifically, the successor of the iPhone 11 Pro has a smaller panel of 5.4 inches (instead of the current 5.8 ″) while the replacement iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with 6.7 inches (instead of 6.5 ″).

According to sources heard by the report, the Samsung be the supplier of the screens of these devices, as South Korea is the only (so far) capable of mass-producing so-called touch-sensitive panels. on-cell. This technology allows the touch screen be embedded in the pixels themselves, and no longer by means of a separate layer on top of them (which as is currently the case).

This change, if confirmed, will simplify the production of the panels of future iPhones and allow, if Apple wants, to slightly thin out the handsets, although if the recent trend remains, Ma will probably prefer to use that little extra space to increase a little more the battery of smartphones.

It is worth noting that the change above only applies to the two most expensive iPhones, even. “Confirming” recent rumors, the report of the ETNews states that the successor of the iPhone 11 also has an OLED screen (unlike its ancestor, which has LCD panel); This component, however, brings today's touch sensitivity technology with the capacitive layer separated from the pixels. Samsung and LG I will divide the production of these panels BOE, which was speculated as a supplier of some parts, should be left out.


via MacRumors