Rumor: WhatsApp Messenger could win a web version

Rumor: WhatsApp Messenger could win a web version

Who here never imagined using the Whatsapp by the computer? For those who spend the whole day working on a notebook or on a desktop, without a doubt it would be a very good thing after all, a bag will stop doing what it is doing to answer the dozens / hundreds of messages that arrive throughout the day. For there are indications that a web version of WhatsApp comes next.

References to WhatsApp Web

The website Androidworld found (Google Translate) references to a “WhatsApp Web”, as we can see in the image above.

Apparently it works as follows: a QR code used to link your WhatsApp account (from your phone) and a browser, via the URL (which, strangely, is protected by Google). Still, it is difficult to say whether: 1. this project will really be carried out; and 2. if everything works anyway or if we are only talking about tests.

Corroborating this rumor, Pavel Durov (CEO of Telegram) said he believes the competitor is preparing a version for computers as WhatsApp tried to hire one of the Telegram web developers, as reported by TechCrunch.

O Androidworld he also informs that WhatsApp Web references are very few and that there is no forecast of when the resource could be launched by the company. If we take into account that WhatsApp is not usually quick to implement features, everything can take a long time to arrive (if it arrives).

Regardless, our support is for WhatsApp to gain more and more cool features such as voice calls. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most important and used messengers today, so his evolution is more than interesting for everyone.

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