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Rumor: website tells what we can expect from the new Apple TV, which should be launched next month

The rumors even point to an Apple event on September 9, packed with launches. In addition to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, it is very likely that the company will also present the long-awaited new Apple TV.

Apple TV concept

As we know, the company considered launching the product at this year's WWDC, but ended up giving up for allegedly failing to sign the agreements for its so-called new service. streaming of videos. Because the 9to5Mac he now said that this decision was not based on that, but on the company's concern not to compromise the engineers who are involved with iOS 9.

That's right: as the new Apple TV (codenamed J34) runs a kind of iOS completely optimized for TVs, the software development required a lot of involvement from Apple engineers / developers, something that was not so necessary in the old versions.

The website also claims that this Apple TV has a new design which is still unknown. Apparently it is a little more like the first model launched by the company, thinner / wider. Due to the constant connectivity (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), it is very likely that the set-top box keep the plastic body which facilitates receptivity.

A new remote control with Bluetooth / infrared technology, Multi-Touch trackpad with inertial scrolling support, possible Force Touch technology and audio support (for Siri) is also awaited and practically confirmed, since there are even references to it in us OS X El Capitan 10.11 codes.

One of the great omissions of the models of Apple TVs launched until today is a search capable of scanning the entire system and showing results for all content / channels available on the device. Imagine searching for β€œIron Man” and seeing results not only for movies on the iTunes (Movie) Store but for content on Netflix, YouTube, the iTunes (Music) Store, Apple Music, etc. IOS as an operating system makes this a lot easier, but according to the 9to5Mac, we can only see something like this implemented when there is already a relatively good amount of apps developed for Apple TV.

Speaking of apps, this is the big news of the future device: a store (App Store) for developers to make their apps specifically created for TVs available. An SDK (software development kit, or software development kit) will be made available, but Apple's idea that these apps be very focused on video content.

Basically, Apple puts in the hands of companies the task of developing and launching video apps at a time they want. Apple is currently responsible for controlling the release of existing channels. Of course, other types of apps (games and others) will invariably appear, but that doesn't seem to be the current focus.

Apple TV supposed interface

The interface should undergo some slight modifications, but maintaining much of the one used today. Although everything is also being tested on the current model (Apple TV launched in 2012), it is not known if the company will make this new version of the software available for the current ones set-top boxes.

To account for all these new features, Apple TV must be equipped with an A8 processor dual-core, at least 1GB of RAM (the current one has 512MB) and 32GB of storage space (the current one has 8GB, which are used to temporarily store rented / purchased movies). It is possible that Apple also chooses to market Apple TVs with different storage capacities, just as it does with iPads, iPhones, iPods, touch, Macs, etc.

Finally, the 9to5Mac also commented that the rumored service of streaming video will not be released now something that we also β€œknow”.