Rumor: website says Apple is working on a point-and-shoot camera

Rumor: website says Apple is working on a point-and-shoot camera

In addition to the legacy left in markets such as computers (Macs), music (iPod + iTunes), cell phones / smartphones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), retail (Apple Retail Stores) and animations (Pixar), Steve Jobs wanted to revolutionize three others: textbooks, television and photography.

In January of this year, Apple announced its strategy for the educational market, launching iBooks Authors and its textbook model. Much has also been said about an “iTV”, a TV set by Ma that may arrive in the not too distant future, even with a possible operating system already appearing at WWDC. Regarding the third, Jobs became very interested in the technology of the Lytro camera, even talking to the company's CEO, Ren Ng.

But why are we talking about this? O iLounge, which has a respectable history, today released its updated guide for new iPad buyers (New iPad Buyers ’Guide). In it, the vehicle commented on a possible independent iSight camera (a point-and-shoot camera, that is, point-and-shoot) which is being developed by Apple.

ILounge shopping guide mentioning an independent iSight

() We have been warned that this project is actually being developed currently at Apple, but we do not feel sufficient confidence in our source to take it for granted, so we classify it as speculation. Still, there is enough smoke to make us think there is a fire.

I don't particularly believe that. My opinion is that if Apple revolutionizes photography, it will be via iPhone, the camera that is in the pocket of millions and millions of people. In a way, she is already doing this.

For those who do not remember, Apple has previously worked (in the 1990s) with Kodak, a project that resulted in QuickTake, which today is the subject of lawsuits among companies. In addition, Apple also had an independent iSight camera (webcam), which was used for video conferences at a time when it was not yet possible to create small FaceTime cameras, to the point of being embedded in the screen itself.

QuickTake 200 Apple iSight

Anyway, I'm skeptical about this rumor, are you?