[RUMOR] Valve is developing a tool to make Windows games compatible on Linux

[RUMOR] Valve is developing a tool to make Windows games compatible on Linux


A big rumor has taken over the Linux community in the past few hours. According to the people of the “Gaming on Linux” website, Valve would be developing a tool to match the Windows games made available in its library to Linux, something similar to what is used today, with the Wine It is like DxVk.

According to the website, we have at Reddit information about the new data on Steam DB with new codes that were posted there. One of these codes caught my attention, as it had the following name and description:

«Steam_Settings_Compat_Info», which has the description “Steam Play will automatically install compatibility tools that allow you to play games from your library that were built for other operating systems.” which in the free translation would look like “Steam Play will automatically install the compatibility tools that will allow you to play games from your library that were made for other operating systems.”.

Most likely, Valve has seen the growing movement that Wine has taken in the last few months, especially with the entry of DxVk staff and thus giving a boom in the compatibility of great games with the penguin, such as GTA V, DarkSouls, FarCry5, PES 2018, Doom among others.

Besides, games developed with VULKAN, a competitor of Microsoft’s DirectX, are already coming out and having an extremely satisfactory performance. And also the main engines like Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine and Unity are supporting Linux.

For now, it is just a rumor, but it can “gain the light of the day”, since Valve is still committed to Steam OS and that would bring more producers to your system, and consequently to Linux, since Steam OS is based on Debian and Valve encourages the use of Ubuntu as well.

A compatibility layer of the type could allow developers to no longer need to port their games completely to Linux, Steam itself would promote this compatibility.

Another point, too, is that it can bring new users to Linux on the Desktop and show them that the system is user friendly and that they can have fun too.

In my humble opinion, this would be sensational if it really happens, as it would bring competition in the gaming sector and it would benefit gamers, as companies will always seek to improve their product, regardless of the system you use, competition is good for all.

Tell us in the comments what you expect from this “new” Steam tool.

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