Rumor: Upcoming iPhones will be able to send audio to two Bluetooth devices at once

There is a rumor that I like and we have to hope that it comes true: according to the blog japons Macotakara, the next iPhones will be able to send audio to two bluetooth devices at the same time!

This means that a couple, for example, can watch a series on the same iPhone, each with their own pair of AirPods. Or, in another scenario, someone could send music to two Bluetooth speakers simultaneously, even without them being paired with each other.

Currently, it is possible to pair multiple Bluetooth devices with iPhone but only one audio device can be connected at a time. The only way to send music to two or more wireless speakers, as with HomePods, is for the speakers to communicate with each other and create a narrow system.

The news is one more of these late arrivals for iPhones, as it has been implemented for a while in Huawei and Samsung devices, for example. In the case of South Korean, the function called Dual Audio It is compatible from the Galaxy S8.

O Macotakara It's not 100% flawless in history, but it usually gets it right rather than wrong. We hope so.

via 9to5Mac